Ultimate Puppy Training

8 Sessions of Private Training

For puppies 6-16 weeks old.

Includes 8 sessions of private, self paced dog training. Learn how to start your puppy on the right foot and raise a balanced dog. You can use the 8 session package at whatever pace you are comfortable with.

May transfer into Novice Level when dog becomes 4 months old. I will be working on the following syllabus. At this time, you can also opt into one of the VIP packages. See Options 2a, b, c, and d.

Focus Areas:

  • Temperament exercises – these can detect dominance issues with your young puppy so you can start therapy right away. By gently establishing that you are the pack leader, you can avoid many potential behavioral issues when your dog gets older.
  • Housebreaking
  • Leash walking
  • Play retrieving
  • Breed awareness – I am familiar with most breeds and am aware of their general strengths and weaknesses. You will learn to maximize your dog’s abilities. (Example: Beagles are known to follow their nose and take off when they are let off leash. Knowing this I make sure that their number one quality is that they come when called.)

How Ultimate Puppy Training Operates
Sessions are paid for upfront the first day. I accept cash, check, or card. The first session I immediately address all behavior questions and issues you may be having. Sessions are done in the privacy of your home. Sessions last approximately one hour. The first is about 2 hours depending on the number of issues I need to go over. I can set up week an appointment once a week or every other week until the dog is 16 weeks old and transfers into my Novice Level program. Click Here!

Price: $500

Optional Dog Daycare (for dogs 16 weeks and older)

Along with my dog training business that I have had in Santa Barbara since 2001, I have also been the owner of Loose Pooch Dog Club since 2009. Dog daycare is somewhat of a new concept, but has become quite popular for a number of reasons.

Socialization with other dog – Some breeds are more confrontational than others. It is most important that these dogs are great with other dogs. When your puppy turns 16 weeks old, setup a daycare routine at Loose Pooch and get 25% off until they are 8 months old.

By spending several hours at daycare, not only to the learn to be social, they also learn to pace themselves around other dogs. The first few visits, your puppy might come home super tired because they don’t yet have this concept. Soon they will learn how to regulate their activity.

By learning proper dog etiquette, they will be less likely to offend other dogs in public which will ultimately help keep them safe.

Socialization with people – On an average day at Loose Pooch, your puppy will be exposed and handled by 5-6 staff members. By request only, your puppy can get a bath and its nails done. This is great practice for your puppy’s social skills with people.

Separation anxiety – By being at daycare, your puppy learns how to function away from you. This is an important skill to teach your puppy at an early age. This helps prepare your puppy for being boarded when you go away.