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“When our dogs were puppies, they both went through training with Nathan. The training gave them both a solid foundation of understanding obedience commands which have proven to be invaluable at times. Our Shepherd requires extensive exercise during the day so as he got bigger we opted for a different day care environment for him. However, Marla still loves going to Loose Pooch to play with some of the friends she grew up with. She does have her dog buddies over there and she is comfortable with the staff. They keep the place very clean and take good care of the dogs. We have never had an issue. Nathan is always professional and great to deal with. Edgar is a gem!”

-Steven R. Andrade

“Nathan has turned our young boxer into the dog of our dreams. Here’s the partial list of bad behaviors we wrote down for our dog when we first met with Nathan: 1) won’t come when called; 2) bolts whenever she has the chance, and runs away; 3) plays too roughly with other dogs; 4) pulls on the leash constantly; 4) eats houseplants and various other things. The short story is that 3 months later, our dog exhibits none of these behaviors and is a DREAM. She walks off-leash, comes when called, is well-mannered around other dogs….and as a result, she gets to go everywhere with us. She Iives a better life. Nathan is fantastic. Calm, patient, takes control, always on time, can handle any issue that comes up – he’s seen it all. We’re so grateful to him.”

-Barbara Rosenblum

“My 1 ½ year old Doberman Buddy and I just completed Nathan’s VIP program. I couldn’t be happier with the experience we had working with Nathan and the day care offered at Loose Pooch. I began working with Nathan within three weeks of adopting Buddy who was a stray. Although a sweet dog, Buddy was hyper active. Additionally, he didn’t respond to any commands what so ever. Sit, stay, no, come, leave it….forget it. Words meant nothing to Buddy. I approached Nathan with two goals: 1) having Buddy behave well enough on a leash so my parents who are in their 70’s would feel comfortable walking him and 2) having Buddy listen well enough so I could take him on off leash hikes and to the beach. Nathan accomplished both among many other things. Buddy flourished working with Nathan and is a calmer, happier dog because of it. I laugh that I now get compliments from strangers when I’m walking Buddy on how well behaved and calm he is.
Nathan’s professionalism makes it easy to work with him. He is organized and on time to weekly appointments. He is quick to respond to any questions I have. Most importantly, Nathan knows what he is doing and really connects to the dogs he works with. The affection and respect I see Buddy has for Nathan assures me that he is always in good hands with Nathan.
In addition to being thrilled with Nathan’s training, I’m very happy with the day care offered at Loose Pooch. It’s a clean, safe environment with friendly, attentive staff. Buddy loves being there and is very fond of the staff and of course, all the other dogs. I appreciate that several of the evening staff will share with me who Buddy’s favorite playmates were that day. Although Buddy’s training has ended, he will continue to go to Loose Pooch. It’s a relief to know he is having fun and getting a lot of exercise while I’m at work.”

-Hannah Clouser

“Nathan has been a life saver for our 10 month old Labrador, Cooper. He began training with Nathan when he was 6 months old. He was a typical lab, getting into just about everything, barking at just about everyone, and basically dragging me down the sidewalk on evening walks. I noticed a change the very first day we met with Nathan. Cooper slowly but surely learned that we are in charge and learned his manners. It feels really great to be able to have control of Cooper and not have to worry about his reactions. It is so wonderful to see such a dramatic change in our pup within just a few months. Nathan has been extremely flexible with our schedule. Nathan knows exactly what he is talking about and is always available to give advice. He has completely transformed our Labrador & we can now enjoy him to the fullest and we take him everywhere we go. I’m so happy I found Nathan and would highly recommend him to any pet owners struggling with their pup. A great trainer and definitely worth it!”

-Audrey Gandall

“We did the VIP Training that included dog day care with Nathan and it was wonderful! Not only were we getting the help we needed to train our high energy puppy, but our puppy also benefited from the socialization he received with the other dogs. I am writing this review over a year later and we could not be happier with our decision and investment in solid training for our dog. It is also reassuring to know that with the training package, Nathan is available for consults and training questions if we need it in the future for the life of our dog.”

-Piper Presley

“Nathan Woods is an amazing dog trainer! His love for animals is obvious, and I have learned so much while working at Loose Pooch. He is a pleasure to be around and I am honored to work with such a success.”

-Ashley Lambert

“Nathan is dedicated, passionate, and caring, and each of those qualities is evident in his businesses caring for and training dogs through Nathan Woods Dog Trainer and Loose Pooch Dog Club. Nathan is highly recommended for the utmost care of your pet.”

-Matthew Berger

“Nathan is awesome with canines. I’ve seen him work with pups and mature dogs (sometimes two at a time) and have them happily minding their manners in as little as 15 minutes. Most importantly, he helps provide we humans insight and understanding to get the most from time together with our furry buddies!”

-Darin Sullivan

“Nathan is a true pet expert, and he and his team at Loose Pooch are knowledgeable, trustworthy, and very personable. I’ve been bringing my dog to Loose Pooch regularly since she was about six months old. I know she is well cared for, and that she will be happy and hopefully a bit tired from all the fun and playing! I highly recommend Nathan’s work at Loose Pooch and his expert training advice.”

-Amber Wallace

“Nathan Woods and Loose Pooch Dog Club are terrific. He is a professional of the highest order and Zuma the pug loves going to Loose Pooch for daycare. Nathan is knowledgeable, caring and kind. I’d recommend him and Loose Pooch to anyone in need of pet services.”

-Ashley Anderson

“Nathan Woods has been our dog trainer since 2008. He is a highly skilled, caring and passionate dog trainer. We were thoroughly impressed by the excellent job he did with our dogs; Lola and Panda (Great Dane), Ranger (Labrador Retriever). Our dogs now follow commands, they are happier, we are happier and our dogs LOVE Nathan. We highly recommend his dog training services.”

-Patricia Selbert

“Nathan is a gifted and dedicated dog trainer/care giver. He has trained both of my pharaoh hounds and even earned an obedience title on this high energy/stubborn breed. Nathan also handled both dogs in Conformation shows earning championship titles very quickly. The dogs love Nathan and we always feel secure and confident when they are in his care. I highly recommend Nathan and his company for any of your dog training and care needs.”

-Betsy Stivers

“Nathan’s training regimen made all the difference for our dog, Daisy, a 97-lb German shepherd mix rescue. When I first got her in December 2009, she overwhelmed me and I actually considered returning her to the SB Humane Society. Then, Nathan came to our house to meet her. Daisy and I followed Nathan’s eight-step process and it works wonderfully. Daisy and I routinely walk on State St., she is friendly with other dogs, she overcame her hyper-curiosity about every dog on the sidewalk, and gets along well with most dogs she encounters on her daily walks. She is now at the stage where she can almost go to the beach off-leash.”

-Karen Sketch

“Nathan was a great help to me. My beautiful champion show dog came back to me with serious Fear Aggression. She was like a predator in my home. She would attack my other dogs and killed one. Nathan worked diligently with her and my other dogs. We now have a lovely well adjusted dog. I never thought he could change her. I am so grateful to him.”

-Karen Reyes

“Nathan Woods was amazing with our chocolate labrador. Our labrador was adopted by us and had been abused. Nathan, in a short period of time, was able to get Karla to behave on a leash and off a leash. Not only were we a lot happier but so was Karla. We never thought we would get another dog but have added two more dogs to our household. We would never have done that without Nathan’s help with Karla.”

-Terri Bailey

“Nathan is Santa Barbara’s Dog Whisperer! I highly recommend his services. Nathan did a fantastic job training and socializing our puppy. Not only did he help her grow into a confident, well trained and responsive pet, but he did it with love and she fell in love with him in the process.”

-Fia Richmond

“I have hired Nathan as our dog trainer. He is terrific! Great knowledge and wonderful to work with. Good results.”

-Victoria F. Hines

“Nathan has been great, helping us train our adopted dog. He was so nice & definitely knows what he is doing. Our dog immediately listened & responded to him. He has been available by phone for assistance and provides great service, coming to our house and being patient as our 10 y/o daughter was to be the main trainer. We definitely recommend Nathan!!”

-Kathy Mintzer

“We have two King Charles Cavaliers that needed to be trained (one in particular) and Nathan’s program helped us become the Alpha Dogs.”

-Susan Caine

“I have known Nathan since he was thirteen years old. He has always had a tremendous passion for working with dogs. Nathan is a very caring individual and exhibits a ton of patience with all of the dogs he has trained and their owners.”

-Susan Mantlo

“I highly recommend Nathan. He has done wonders for me and my two rescue dogs.”

-Mary Wagner

“As a pet professional in Santa Barbara for over 20 years I have seen the job Nathan has done with many of our common clients. He is knowledgeable, caring and patient with his client and their dogs. His service to our dog community is a valuable asset to all Santa Barbarian’s.”

-Kirk Nielsen, Owner DogWatch Hidden Fences of Santa Barbara

“I have used Nathan for training one of my dogs who was a bit overprotective and he was excellent. Now I can walk her off leash and she is completely obedient. She is a much happier dog now. Nathan continues to be a resource if I need help with her and is always very responsive to my questions. I volunteer at the County animal shelter and Nathan has also helped with a dog there that was at risk of being put down due to leash grabbing that led to biting. In 15 minutes he had a big unruly dog heeling and refusing to grab the leash. I have met and worked with several trainers. None of them have come close to Nathan in terms of his skill in working with dogs and his dedication to helping owners learn how to best work with their dogs.”

-Ethan Stone

“Having adopted a seven month old puppy I was experiencing difficulty teaching her basic obedience skills. Being a hunting breed, birds were her only focus. She pulled so hard on leash I stopped walks as I was concerned she’d injure her neck. Unable to teach consistent “come” I avoided off leash areas fearing she’d run off the cliff like at Douglas Preserve or never return as she flew down the beach chasing a bird. After months of daily training and making no progress I reached out and contacted SB Pet Services for professional training help. At our first meeting with Nathan, the owner, he immediately instilled confidence and hope that I and my 5 yr. old pup could resume our enjoyable outings, and bring along our new addition to the family. The following day I practiced our first homework assignment and I was in awe of the transformation. People were walking by complementing me on how well behaved she was! Finishing week 2 she is ignoring birds and other distractions while on leash, no more pulling and walks on heel. The goal of having a well behaved dog and doing off-leash activities is insight!”

-Julie Gordon

“Santa Barbara Pet Services is a great dog training business in Santa Barbara. Nathan Woods is an expert in dog training and behavior. A short conversation with Nathan allows you to understand that dog training is much more than most of us think and is an in depth process needs to be well programmed into your dog. That way when you are at a beach in the summer full of distractions (other dogs, kids, toys, frisbees, balls, noises, smells, etc) you know how to speak to your dog so that he/she blocks out those distractions and focuses on you. I would highly recommend Nathan to anyone looking for the best dog trainer in town. He will help you build an unbreakable bond with your furry friend.”

-Nick Zurovski

“Nathan is awesome! We absolutely love what he has to offer though SB Pet Services and the doggy daycare he runs, Loose Pooch. My husband and I actually reached out to him when we were trying to decide what kind of dog to get. SB Pet Services provides would-be dog owners with consultation services about which kind of breeds might work best for them. Nathan took time to meet with us for an hour (on a Sunday!) to talk about our lifestyle and what we were looking for in a dog. He recommended a Boston Terrier, and then provided us with tips on how to find a responsible breeder. We didn’t know about puppy mills, and in the end we felt much better about the fact that our puppy was coming from a breeder who truly cared about his health and well being.

We now have a wonderful Boston Terrier puppy as part of our family. We signed our puppy up for Nathan’s VIP training program and have been so impressed with the results, especially with how well our puppy has learned to walk on a leash. We also drop our puppy off at Nathan’s doggy daycare, Loose Pooch, Monday through Friday. The staff there all know our puppy and he is always so excited to see them.

In sum, we could not be happier with all the help Nathan has given us. Keep up the good work Nathan! :-)”

-Cora Danielson

“Nate is the man. He is unbelievable. He helped turn my super energetic golden into a little obedient soldier! His lessons are very organized and easy to follow. He provides lesson plans to follow for each week which provides a wonderful foundation if you wish to continue with high obedience titles. Highly recommend him.”

-Gregory Leder

“I had heard about Nathan and contacted him when we first got my maltipoo puppy Vinnie when he was 9 weeks old. Nathan started coming by right away weekly to give me advice as to how to best deal with such a young dog. That advice was invaluable to both me and Vinnie and thus we were prepared for the transition to the training and socialization that following when Vinnie turned 4 months and started interacting with other dogs at Loose Pooch.

We continued the individual training at that time with Nathan while Vinnie enjoyed his playtime at Loose Pooch during the week and I am happy to say we have the happiest, most well-adjusted and best behaved dog I’ve ever had.

Nathan is patient (with both dog AND owner) and he is so kind and the highest praise I can say to anyone considering having their dog visit Loose Pooch and/or train with Nathan is to say that Vinnie is just so excited and happy whenever he sees Nathan or whenever we pull our car up to the curb by Loose Pooch.

Thank you Nathan. So appreciated!”

-Lynn Reed

“Nathan has an 8 week basic training course which was perfect for us. He met with us once a week and gave us homework for daily training walks. In 8 weeks our GSD was walking with us off leash and obeying commands. We only wish we found him earlier. We wasted a year with other trainers, spent a lot of money, and accomplished nothing. Nathan also offers other services such as boarding and training at his facility. We didn’t need those but good to know its there.”

-Bruce Goetting

“Nathan is the best. I adopted a 1yr old gsd cattle dog mix and she was quite a handful! First classes we took used treats and clickers and did not work at all for us. I saw Nathan training a dog at shoreline park and asked for his card. His method worked very well for us, I now have a great companion, she walks well on and off leash, perfect recall. A well trained dog who is a treat to be around! Thank you Nathan.”

-Sandy Togni

“Nathan Woods is awesome! He showed us how to work with our untrained, ill mannered rescue dog. Our dog, Timber, would spin about and fight when first put him on a leash. After completing the training sessions, which we did at our own pace, Timber obeys commands both on and off leash! We are so happy we signed up with Nathan. You will be happy too!”

-Stephanie Hedden

“Lexa, my Doberman Pinscher and first dog, came into my life during a time of emotional turmoil and transition. Nathan has been an integral part of our lives, training both of us and ensuring that my companion was reliable, well-trained, and well-mannered. His compassion and connection to dogs is extraordinary. On many days, he has not only been Lexa’s coach, but my life coach. I could not recommend him more highly and am extremely grateful for his services.”

-Lindsay Leonard

“Where does a professional dog trainer go to for help with a difficult training problem? –To Nathan Woods, of course! Even with my thirty years of training experience, I needed help with a dog behavior problem that I couldn’t solve on my own. Nathan came to the rescue and helped me work out the kinks in my puppy training program. Things are under control now, thanks to Nathan. My puppy has turned into a veritable angel! Nathan is truly a trainer’s trainer–and a very valuable resource for all Santa Barbara dog owners.”

-Janet Bourque

“5 Stars! Nathan Woods is an excellent trainer. He is both knowledgeable and experienced. He provided me with a well organized and comprehensive plan to train my Doberman puppy. He was prompt, professional, and sensitive to me and my dog’s specific needs. The initial meeting was over two hours to evaluate and address my specific behavioral concerns as well as explain and begin the novice program. He had all the necessary equipment available for immediate implementation so I did not have to wait or go to the pet supply store. In addition to the written lesson plans, Nathan was available for questions by phone. If he did not answer he returned the call promptly. I was able to spend the time to do the actual training but he has programs designed for those who would like Nathan to personally perform the training. Either way, at the end of the program you should expect a well trained pet to enjoy as an asset to your life. I plan to use Nathan for Open and perhaps Utility training now that my Dobie has completed the Novice level. Besides the enjoyment of taking my dog anywhere they allow dogs, the frequent comments on how well trained she is makes me happy that I worked with Nathan.”

-Jeff K.

“We did the 8 week program with our 10 month old Australian Shepherd and we are THRILLED with the results. Nathan was incredibly organized and professional. It requires a lot of discipline as a dog owner but it’s worth it. I feel closer to our pup now and we communicate better which was important as we were expecting a baby soon after!”

-Vanessa Bley

“Nathan has trained both our dogs and they love the doggy day care.”

-Mia M.

“I signed up to have my sch-noodle puppy trained and I have been so amazed what she has learned in only three weeks. We put Potty Bells by the slider to our back yard. Within 2 days our dog, Pepper, would walk over to the bells and ring them with her paw, if she needed to go out. When the trainer Nathan told me about these bells, I thought he was crazy. Now she rings them each time she needs to go out to potty. She sits, heals, stays and stands on command. We are only half way thru her training and I am so impressed. Nathan has been great!!! Pepper also goes to the day care (Loose Pooch) each day. The service has been excellent and they also have a real cute doggie shop when you walk in. I highly recommend Nathan and the Loose Pooch.”

-Sheri G.

“Gifted and caring, a Dog-Svengali!! Nathan has trained our dog since he was two months old; he has become part of the family! Can’t imagine someone more caring, responsible and encouraging than Nathan. He also instills the same qualities in his wonderful staff. Our dog loves Loose Pooch!!”

-Tom S.

“I have known Nathan of Loose Pooch for 12 years now. I first knew him through training my beautiful English Mastiff, Mercedes. Nathan did an amazing job helping me connect with her and train her so that I could have an incredible relationship with her. It was truly life changing and sticks with me to this day. I had not seen Nathan for a while and then ran into him again about a year and a half ago in Santa Barbara for the second time. I had left town to go back to live in Los Angeles and when I came back there he was at the park. I knew that it was meant to be. Sure enough I had recently purchased two more English Mastiffs after my beautiful Mercedes passed. I asked him about training my new puppies and he said “sure I will help you” and he proceeded to be our dog trainer. We did dog school and got training with him. Now we do day care with our puppy that is currently living, as one of our other puppies unfortunately and tragically passed. When my puppy passed, Nathan was by my side within 10 minutes, loving and caring for me and my aching heart. Nathan is the most loving, compassionate, sweet man as a person, and as a super talented professional he is a dedicated, heart centered dog trainer. There’s no better person around Santa Barbara to train your dog or work with your puppies. It’s truly a relationship that is life changing for so many reasons.”

-Ragan O.

“I am particularly grateful to Nathan for getting me through the first year with Pippa, my Lab puppy. She has been an unusually high energy pup. Nathan is a therapist as well as dog whisperer! I’m especially happy with the agreement of Nathan to work with me and my dog when needs arise for free. Pippa absolutely loves to visit the Club and play with the other dogs. The staff is friendly and dog loving. The setup is unique, being inside and temperature controlled, very clean and no barking!!! I would recommend Loose Pooch to anyone who loves their dog and want the very best. Nathan is a wonderful trainer and pleasant to be with.”

-Sue Collins

“I got my very active (understatement of the year) maltipoo Vinnie when he was just 9 weeks old. I checked around for recommendations for doggie day care and training and heard great things about Nathan, the owner of Loose Pooch. During those first few weeks, Nathan came over once a week to give me advice and recommendations on how to take care of Vinnie and teach him good habits for training later on. Once Vinnie was 16 weeks old and had all of his shots, I was able to bring him over to Loose Pooch for playtime and training. Not only is Loose Pooch clean and a perfect environment for dogs (68 degrees), it’s also got people who work there who seem to take a genuine and caring interest in the well-being of all the dogs. But the most telling thing of all is the way Vinnie acts when we even drive up to Loose Pooch – he gets so excited he becomes a total wiggle-worm and he can’t stop wagging his tale in excitement. I think Vinnie’s favorite words are “cookie” and “Nathan.” I highly recommend Loose Pooch as a great place for your dog to get socialized and have fun while you know they are being well-cared for and are safe, and I highly recommend Nathan as a dog trainer; he is so skilled patient – with both the dogs and their owners!”

-Lynn B.

“Nathan is the best. I adopted a 1 yr. old gsd cattle dog mix and she was quite a handful. First classes we went to used treats and clickers and didn’t have any effect on her. I saw Nathan training at shoreline park and asked for his card. His methods work! She now walks great on a leash and I can walk her off leash with perfect recall. Thanks to Nathan I now have a loving well behaved dog that I can take anywhere.”

-Sandy T.

“Nathan Woods has been a fantastic trainer for all three of our dogs – he has helped them to be comfortable around other dogs and fantastic with our young children. We have had Nathan train three dogs over the past 10 years, and he has never disappointed us. He is not only great with the dogs but conscientious about his profession and always very engaged in doing what is best for all involved. We have had all three dogs going to the Loose Pooch over many years, and the staff there treat our pets as if they were their own family. It seems that each staff member knows each dog’s personality and likes/dislikes and tends to give us feedback on what the dogs enjoy doing when we are not around. They always come home happy and exhausted from a day of playing. Thanks to Nathan and the Loose Pooch staff for being an extension of our family when it comes to our mutts!”

-Adam Lowenstein

“I cannot express strongly enough how awesome Nathan is! My girlfriend and I purchased his VIP training for our puppy Callie and the results were nothing short of astonishing. He is a true professional – both with dogs and dog owners 🙂 The VIP package is reasonably priced for what you get and the end result is a happier dog who will be obedient for life (he has a lifetime training guarantee if you stay in SB). It truly is a lifetime investment in your pup. Not to mention he does the trainings during the week so you get daycare included. My girlfriend and I both work full time and we had been taking our dog to dioji every day and the price per day for the VIP program is almost the same (and he trains your dog)!!! His VIP program is around 3 months long and the final result was an incredibly well behaved dog who comes when called and is an even happier puppy (if that is even possible!). We take her to Hendry’s beach and she can be running full sprint 100 ft away and when we call her she will literally turn on a dime. I would highly recommend the VIP training if you have a new puppy or any dog who you want trained. PS Our dog did not have any behavioral issues but Nathan specializes in training any and all dogs.”

-Sean S.

“Nathan and I worked together in 2005-2006 (so long ago!) and he was fantastic. Back then Nathan essentially trained me, and it transformed how I related to and trained my dog Charlie, and it also transformed how I interact with all dogs to this day. I saw results with Charlie and I see results when interacting with any dogs I encounter today. All that to say Nathan’s methodology is solid…He is professional, patient, and talented. The money and time you’ll spend with Nathan are well worth the life-long benefits you’ll enjoy.”

-Luke B.

“When I first moved back to Santa Barbara, after about 15 years, I wanted to adopt a dog and with so many pit mixes in the local shelters I wanted to investigate adopting that type of dog. Luckily I found my boy Romeo, an adolescent 70 plus pound pit mix. I wanted him to have the best chance at a good life so I investigated trainers and was led directly to Nathan, the owner of Loose Pooch. Within minutes of his first session Romeo was healing at my side like a show dog and now after various sessions Romeo is walking/running and playing off leash at the dog park and dog beach which was once just a dream since Romeo has the attention span of a house fly. Along the way I became single and since I work in Thousand Oaks I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with Romeo during the day. Again, I was led to Nathan at Loose Pooch. The facility doesn’t look like so many in town and extremely convenient from my home but their staff is highly trained and for Romeo the perfect blend of safety, playing and socialization. Romeo is well into his adulthood but we are continuing to learn from Nathan. We are just finishing up one level of training and I can’t wait to see what Romeo can do in his next level of training. It is so true what I have heard, that the training is not about the dog, it is about the owner. I highly recommend Nathan and Loose Pooch for a healthy, well socialized and well behaved companion who, for me, is well cared for during the day and well trained 24/7.”

-Jim H.

“I was looking for training for my mastiff puppy when I found Nathan at the Loose Pooch, and am so happy this is where I ended up. I looked all over SB and even up in Santa Maria at a Service Dog trainer. No one got back to me! I called Camp Run a Mutt quite a few times…my parents are big supporters of John over there. I couldn’t believe they never returned calls. Eventually I ended up doing a training with Anthony there but it wasn’t enough. Nathan is private and $500. It took a while for my spouse to come around on that one. The training is specific, he gives hand outs that detail what your homework is and serves as a reminder if you ever forget in the future. It isn’t hard though so don’t be intimidated. He is training you to communicate with your dog. He spends a ton of time watching and giving you feedback about your interactions with your dog. I really appreciated that. He wants you to be able to handle your dog, he isn’t interested in taking over. The quality of the training is great because Nathan works on small things with you as you go along that all of a sudden make a huge difference when your in real world situations. You don’t learn tricks you are teaching behavior. Everywhere we take our dog Rufus people comment on how well behaved he is. This is thanks to Nathan teaching me how to communicate and build a trusting relationship with Rufus.”

-Alana B.

“I brought my 3 year old dog aggressive Akita to Nathan and the improvements I have witnessed I would never have believed were even achievable. I can now have him off-leash around other dogs and he simply ignores them. He comes when he is called and does not play his old game of “catch me if you can,” he sits and stays, he is a much much better dog. Yes I have to keep up with the training and keep him around other dogs as much as possible but it only makes my dog a better dog. My dog did go through and graduate a puppy class so he was initially socialized. However, after having 3 surgeries on his rear left leg and being in a crate recovering on and off for the better part of a year he had forgotten how to act around other dogs. Nathan has literally been a God send for us. I highly recommend Nathan.”

-Mistica W.