Unleash Your Dog’s Full Potential!

I believe that every pet dog has the potential to achieve the responsiveness expected of a dog competing in the obedience show ring. I train all dogs towards this level of reliability. Expect more from your pet!

Meet the Trainer, Watch Nathan’s Intro Video
Nathan began formal dog training when he was just 10 years old. He started his professional dog training business (formerly Santa Barbara Pet Services) in 2001 and has been training dogs full time ever since.
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What to Expect from Professional Training
Learn how to overcome special problems and develop the foundation for any training objective. Simply choose the training option that will offer you the most success.
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Dog Training Services
Get information on all our levels of dog training, plus additional services such as new dog consultation, day and overnight care, and drive-by visits.
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Dog Daycare at Loose Pooch
When you simply need a break, bring your best friend to Loose Pooch Dog Club for daily dog care, grooming & treats! Visit the Loose Pooch website to learn more.
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